Volume - X No. 1 & 2 Year 2017 Previous Issues
Impact of Self Help Groups on Women Empowerment : Emprical Evidence from Jharkhand

Neelu Kumari   
A Study on Factors Determining the Pattern of Unmet Need for Family Planning Among  

Married Women in Jharkhand

Rajnee Kumari 
Deepening Regional Economic Integration in South Asia : Potential and Prospects

Ravindra Singh   
A Study of Dynamics of Rural Labour Market in Jharkhand 

Shishir Chaudhary 
Trends and Pattern of Migration in Jharkhand

Ashwani Kumar   
Achievements and Challenges of Education in Jharkhand : An Analysis of Elementary


Renu Gupta and Vineeta Rani Ekka  
Problem of NPA in Indian Banking : An Analysis of Post Reform Period

Krishna Kumar Yadav
Growth of Agriculture Productivity in Jharkhand

Birju Prasad Dangi  
Social Infrastructure and Human Development in South Asia : Status and Scope

Narendra Kumar Pathak and Maheshwar Prasad Yadav 
Growth Trends of Foreign Direct Investment in India : A Sector-Wise Analysis

Meera Kumari   
Entrepreneurship and Skill Development in India : Policy Initiatives of the Government

of Jharkhand

Umendra Singh  

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