Volume - VII No. 1 & 2 Year 2014 Previous Issues
Traditional Paddy Varieties of Jharkhand And Conservation Priority
Himadri Sinha and Mukul Xaxa  
Food And Nutritional Security And Entitlements In India
Prakash Chandra Deogharia  
Public Debt And Its Productivity : A Model Based Test And Analysis In Jharkhand
Diraj Mani Pathak  
Child Migration And Development Dynamics In Global Hinterland Issues And Challenges
Ranjit P.Toppo and Sudeep Kumar  
Agricultural Scenario of Bihar - Need of Revitalization
Manish Krishna and Shammi Kumari  
Agricultural Biotechnology And The Developing World
Neelu Kumari  
A Study of Socio-Economic Condition of Vegetable Street Vendors in Ranchi
Shyamali Banerjee  
A Review of Information And Its Need In Agricultural Markets
Ashutosh Mishra and G.C. Singh  
Initiatives under Corporate Social Responsibility : A Study On 
National Thermal Power Corporation(NTPC) Of India
Utpal Kr. Chakraborty and Binod Narayan  
Renewable Energy - A Sustainable Alternative Energy
Amar Kr. Chaudhary  
Status Of Working Women In Market And Family : A Review
Indrani Basu  
Marital Adjustment, Stress And Depression Among Working and 
Non-working Married Women : A Case Study of Ranchi Town In Jharkhand
Reeta Kumari  
Scope Enlargement Of Microfinanace Through Optimum Use Of Existing 
Infrastructure And Manpower
Shreya Patel and A.N.Jha  
Growth-Employment Debate : Some Emerging Trends And Challenges
Ajeet Kumar Tiwari and Rajeshwar Pd. Srivastava   
Micro Credit And Self Help Groups : A Study Of Ranchi District Of Jharkhand
Nilima Rose Kullu  

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