Volume - V No. 1 & 2 Year 2013 Previous Issues
Poverty and Hunger in Jharkhand : Challenges of Eradication.
Ramesh Sharan   
Tribal Poverty.
Himadri Sinha  
Poverty and Inequality in South West Bengal : An Overview.
Rajashri Majumder   
Growth with Starvation : Some Issues. 
Mithilesh Kumar Sinha  
Nutritional Role on Poverty and Malnutrition.
Voomika Mukherjee & P.K. Mishra   
The Spatial Pattern of Transport Accessibility in Rural Jharkhand.
Gloria Kuzur   
The Evaluation of ICDS in Maharashtra.
Manisha Karne   
Financial Inclusion in Rural Sector : An Analysis.
Vikas Batra   
Can Poverty Be Educated Out ?
Koushik Kumar Hati   
Poverty in Tribal Dominated Economy : Dimensions and Proximated Determinants.
Jhilam Ray, Atanu Sengupta   
Poor and State Entitlements : A Case Study of Selected Tribes of Jharkhand.
Smita Gupta  
Poverty Alleviation and Its Eradication Policies in India.
Impact of Institutional Credit on Farm Economy and Livelihood of Farmers in
Godda District of Jharkhand State.
A.P. Thakur, R.K.. Singh & R.P. Singh  
Impact of Economy on Reproductive Health of Muslim Women of Gaya.
Nishat Ashrafi & Ganga Nath Jha  
Mortality and Morbidity Profiles of Jharkhand : An Overview
Neha Prasad  
Empirical Verification of Transaction Cost Theory in Agro - Industrial Economy :
A Case Study of Sago and Starch Manufacturing Industries in Salem District 
B. Gandhimathy   

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