Volume - V No. 1 & 2 Year 2012 Previous Issues
Human Resources for Health Development in India.
L.N. Dash  
Low Physical Activity and Below Recommended Fruits and Vegetables Intake Atrributing
to Risk Factors of Non-communicable Diseases in Vadu, HDSS: A Situation Analysis.
A. Acharya, M.R. Pradhan & S.Juvekar 
Determinants of Fertility In Rural Areas: A Case Study of Chatra District of Jharkhand.
R.C.Rana & K.K. Sinha 
Women-Empowerment: A Challenging Issue for Inclusive Growth of Jharkhand.
B.K. Thakur 
Impact of Microfinance on Household Welfare of Rural Women: Evidence from Haryana.
V. Batra & K. Chakravarty 
Women Workers in Unorganised Sector.
R. Mehta 
Determinants of Women Empowerment: A Study of Ranchi Town.
M. Dasgupta & R. Srivastava 
Is Social Audit Effective Under MGNREGA? Findings From A Survey.
S.P. Naganagond & H.H. Uliveppa 
Rural Development Programs: A Study of Women Beneficiaries. 
R.K. Sinha, S.N. Prajapti  
Expressed Emotion and Social Development in Mental Retardation.
I.B. Kumar & A.R. Singh 
Feeling of Security-Insecurity and Prejudice: A Comparative Study between 
Secure and Insecure School Students
B. Roy and Anita Arora
Food Security and Goverment Initiatives: A Case of Public Distribution System (PDS) in Bihar.
Bipin Kumar
Poverty, Food Security and State Entitlement in Jharkhand:
A Case Study of Savar Community in East Singhbhum.
Santanu Sahu 
Capital Adequacy Norms under BASEL Frame work: Impact of Indian Banking with
Special Reference to State Bank India, Jharkhand.
A. Sinha & G.P. Trivedi
Transformation of The Co-operative Finance in India.
D. Kumari
The Correlation of Transport Development with Economic Growth: A Case Study of Manipur.
K.M. Singh 
Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in India: A Macro Perspective.
B.K.Lokesh & D.S. Leelavathy 
Importance of Fish for Human Welfare and Socio-Economic Status of Fish
Consumers of Dumka (Jharkhand).
A.K. Poddar &  Ajay Kumar 
Demographic Changes in India: A Study of Census 2011. 
Yogita Beri 
India Needs to Show more Willingness to Open Up its Market In Agricultural Sector.
Sonal Dubey  

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