Volume - II No. 1 & 2 Year 2009 Previous Issues
People's Health in People's Hand, Community Monitoring of Health Services. 
S. Mukhopadhyay and S. Nayak 
Young People in Jharkhand : Sexual and Reproductive Health.
Shireen J Jejeebhoy 
Development and Morbidity Prevalence in Jharkhand Special Reference toTribal Population
V.K. Baraik and S. N. Sinha 
Self Reported Reproductive Morbidity & Treatment Seeking Behaviour among
Women of Jharkhand.
A. Kumar and Sujeet Ranjan 
Agricultural Economy of Jharkhand.
M.L. Singh
Impact of Microfinance on Interlinked Credit Transaction in the Farming Community.
D. K. Panda 
SHGs and Bank Linkage In Jharhand.
N. Sharma and P.C. Deogharia 
Special Economic Zone - An Indian Perspective.
Neelu Kumari 
Psycho Social Dimensions of Entrepreneurship in Jharkhand.
P. Srivastva, P. Pathak & S. Singh 
The Impact Of Economic Reform On Industrial Growth In India. 
R. Narain and K.K. Sinha 
Problems In Marketing Of Small Scale Industries In Jharkhand: A Case Study if BIDA.
K.M.P. Sinha and S.. Gupta
Tourism in Jharkhand -  An Evaluative Study.
S. Singh and N. Pathak
Golden Shake Hand and Exit Plicy under Globalization and its Impact on Indian Industries.
Salini Gupta 
Libralisation of Insurance Sector & Its Impact On LIC - A SWOT Analysis.
R. Roy and S.. Sinha 
Local Market and Environment : A case study of Goilkera block in West Singhbhum district. 
P.K.Sinha and K.K. Pradhan 
Micro Finance: Ray Of Hope For Hopeless.
Ruby Kumari and P. Chaudhary 

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