Volume - X No. 1 & 2 Year 2018 Previous Issues
Where are the jobs: Decoding India's Jobless Growth
Sajal Mukherjee   
Challenges and Opportunities of Choice Based Credit System in higher Education in India
Financing of Elementary Education in India : An Interstate Analysis with Special Reference
to Jharkhand
Renu Gupta   
Diversification in Agriculture in Jharkhand : Process, Pattern and Issues 
Sourcewise Foreign Direct Investment in India : Some Issues
Niger Rabbani and Maheshwar Prasad Yadav  
Deterioration in Quality of Employment in India During Post-Liberalization Era
Pradeep Kumar Pal   
Population Growth and Economic Development in India
Priya Nandi  
Tourism Economics: Growing Need for India in 21st Century
Somak Biswas and Surendra Pd.Kushwaha  
Role of Women Entrepreneurship in Economic Development
Veena Kumari Jaiswal 
Evaluations of the Performance of Commercial Banks in Rural Development in Jharkhand
Vibha Kumari   
Gross - Border Aquisitions : Benefits and Difficulties
Rula Masood and Maheshwar Prasad Yadav  
The Indian Couples - Economic Factors Linking Them Together 
Aekta Roy 
Legal Aspects of Child Labour in India
Sweta Kashyap 
Adhathoda a Viable Economical and Medicinal Plant of Jharkhand 

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