Volume : X No. : 2 Dec - 2014 Previous Issue
Productivity Decentralisation and Social Welfare : A study of West Bengal in India
Subrata Kundu   
Food Consumption Pattern in Rural India in the Reform Period : Trend, Composition
and Implication for Nutritional Security
Ranjana Roy 
Crop Diversity and Rural Employment in Southern Transition zone of Karnataka
: Problems and Prospects
S. Ranganathan  
Economic Reforms, Changing Livelihoods and Migration
Hansa Jain 
Discrimination of wages : A Case Study of Migrate Construction Workers in Surat City.
Aruna Solanki & Kirti 
Woman, Joint Forest Management And Environment, Sustainality :
Evidence From Rural West Bengal
Soma Saha & Prabhat  
MGNREGA & Social Protection : An Analysis of Efficiency, Equity and
Accountantability in North Eastern States
Rehana Ahamad & S. S. Sarkar  
Recent Trends of China’s Economic Growth : An Analysis
Rinku Agrawal 
Lean Manufacturing Technology : A Way to Green Business Practice and
Sustainable Environmental Development
Sabana Gandi & Neeraj Shaw  
Relationship Between Tax Incentives to Cochin SEZ and Economic
Contributions of Cochin SEZ
Nidhesh K B   
Development, Land Acquisition and Displacement in Jharkhand.
B K Thakur   
Socio-Economic Issues and Delemmas of Mining Indeed Displacement :
A Case of Coal Mining Industry 
Utpal Kumar Chakroborty & Binod Narayan   Full Paper
Book Review
Rajesh Kumar  Full Paper

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