Volume : X No. : 1 July - 2014 Previous Issue
Food Consumption Pattern in Rural India: A Regional Perspective
Abha Gupta and Deepak K Mishra   
Social Exclusion, Discrimination and Atrocities on Scheduled Castes in India:
The Worrying Spots and Future Challenges
Rajendra P. Mamgain   
Assessment of Growth Poverty and Inequality in Uttar Pradesh : A Long Term Analysis
Sivakar Tiwari   
Inclusive Development of Social Sector in India: An Analysis of Gender Disparities
Neena Malhotra and Parul   
Economics of Urbanisation in India: An Economic Analysis
Sheshagiri. B   
Fiscal Consolidation Strategy of the Union Government
Manjunath T.R and Harisha B.N   
Health Care Infrastructure in the Rural Areas of North-East India:
Current Status and Future Challenges
Dilip Saikia   
Economy of School Education- Case Study of Tamil Nadu
N.P.Hariharan and S.Siva Gurunathan   
Spatio-Temporal Changes in Internal Migration in India During Post Reform Period  
Arvind Kumar Pandey   
Arecanut Marketing in Kerala with special focus on CAMPCO
N. Karunakaran   
Gender Differences in Labour Productivity & Earnings and Structure of Employment 
R.P. Shrivastava and A. K. Tiwari 
Status and Problems of Educational Scenario of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal
Groups in Odisha : Government Initiatives
Minaketan Behera   

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