Volume : XI No. : 1 June - 2015 Previous Issue
Employment Situation in Jharkhand
Sonali Chakraborty 
Efficiency and Productivity Growth of Food Processing Industry in India : A Malmquist
Index Approach
Sandeep Kumar Baliyan, Sanjeev Kumar and Kavita Baliyan 
Primitive Accumulation, Informality and Precarious Work in Neoliberal India : A Review 
of Arguments and Evidences
Amit K.Giri and S.P.Singh  
Development As Politics : A Study of Emerging Workers` Movements in India
Surendra Pratap and Annavajhula J.C.Bose  
Born to Work? A Pragmatic Examination on Employer's Perceptions on Child Labour
Impact of Mid-Day-Meal-Scheme(MDMS) on Nutritional-Level, Enrolment-Rate and 
Dropout-Rate of Primary School Children in Kerala : A Case Study
N.Karunakaran and Krishnaraji.T  
Assessment of Mizoram State Health Care Scheme
James L.T. Thanga  
Dynamics of Public Expenditure in Karnataka : An Analysis of Its Trends and Patterns
Shankaranand G and R R Biradar  
NRHM and Health Sector Development : An Interstate Analysis of Kerela and Bihar
Rahiyanath C and K. Gangadharan  
Altruistic Behaviour and Gender Gap : An Economic Analysis
Impact Of MGNREGA On Income And Rural Credit : An Emprical Study of Ranchi District
Jyoti Prakash  
Trends And Differentials In Fertility And Family Planning Indicators In Jharkhand
Rajnee Kumari  Full Paper

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