Volume : XII No. : 2 December - 2016 Previous Issue
India’s Foreign Trade and Balance of Payments Position in Pre and Post 01
Reforms Period – An Evaluation
Sikander Kumar, Ajay Sood
Mgnrega Across Social Groups, Religion And Gender: A Critical Study of Jharkhand
Sudeshna Roy, Priyanka Tiwari 
Agriculture Indebtedness Among the Farmers of Jharkhand
Prakash Chandra Deogharia 
Impact of Public Investment on Agriculture Sector in India
K. Jothi Sivagnanam, K. Murugan 
Pattern and Determinants of Internal Migration in Punjab : Evidence from
Population Census Data
Gurwinder Singh, Sukhwinder Singh
Socio-Economic Condition of Street Venders from the Gender Prospective
Sandeep Kumar Baliyan, Vikas Deepak Srivastava  
Diversification of Crops and Chemical Pollution: A Challenge to the
Sustainability of the Agro-Based Economy of Kasaragod District of Kerala
N. Karunakaran 
Decline in Rubber Prices in Kerala : A Case Study of Vallicode Panchayath
In Pathanamthitta District
Shyni T. Alexander, Beth- Haran
Structural status of sarva shiksha abhiyan : A Comparative Study
Teavaspreet Kaur 
Economic Impact of Front Line Demonstrations on Cereal & Pulse Crops in
Godda District of Jharkhand
A.P Thakur, Shurya Bhushan  
Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir Economy: Role and Performance
Kulwinder Singh, Irfana Unjum 

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