Volume : XII No. : 1 June. - 2016 Previous Issue
Challenges of Food Security in India
S. P. Singh 
Revisiting Education and Skill Development Among Youth In India in the
Context of Millennium Development Goals
Rajendra P. Mamgain
Introducing Gender in Sub-national HDRs: An Exercise for Burdhaman District of Bengal
Jhilam Ray, Rajarshi Majumder 
Choice between Education and Work amongst Children of Bidi Workers :
A Case Study of Bokaro District in Jharkhand
Maniklal Adhikary & Chandrasekhar Hajra  
Sustainable Agriculture for Food Security in Rural Area: A Case Study of
Godda District of Jharkhand
A.P Thakur & R.K. Singh 
Millenium Development Goals : Some Success in India But a Long Way to Go
Mithilesh Kumar Sinha  
Role of Women in Biodiversity Conservation and Food Security
Niva Bara & R.P. Singh Ratan  
Promotion of Sustainable Livelihood through Skill Development among Rural Youth :
Role of Micro-finance in Developmental paradigm
Vikram Singh
Assessing the Enrollment and Primary Educational Infrastructure of the
Rural West Bengal, India : A District Level Analysis
Joy Karmakar
Corporate Social Responsibility in Health-care Service Delivery in India - A Review
Sigamani Panneer & Shradha Mathur  
Study of Yield Gap of Frontline Demonstration (FLD) and Control Plots in
Different Districts of Jharkhand
R.P. Singh & Jai Prakash
MDG & Access to Primary Education in India : Faulty Apperception
& Forgetful Accomplishment
Rakesh Raman & Rosy Sulochana
Income and Expenditure of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups of Odisha :                  
A comparative Analysis
Minaketan Behera  

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