Volume : V No. : 1 & 2 Year- 2009 Previous Issue
Microeconomic Environment and Agricultural Sector Growth in Nigeria.
Emmanuel O.Eyo 
Economic Expections and Land Allocation in Favour of Horticultural Crops.
Pradeep K. Mehta 
Share Tendency in Jharkhand Farms.
Prakash Chandra Deogharia 
Growth of Production and Productivity of Different Pulses in Jharkhand.
R.P. Singh and Rupam Renu 
Factor Productivity of Crop in Jharkhand for Irrigated and Unirrigated Farms.
L.C. Das and Prakash Jha 
Indian Agriculture Under Trade Liberalization.
M.L Singh.  
Impact of Biogas Micro Turbine Based Electricity Generation on Sustainable Rural
Development - An Empirial Study.
Gokul Acharjee and Debabrata Lagiri 
Challenges in Human Development in India The Case of Education and Health.
K. Gangadharan 
Evaluation of Rajiv Yuva Shakthi Programme in Andhra Pradesh State.
K. Nageswara Rao and G. Sivaiah 

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