Volume : VI No. : 2 December - 2010 Previous Issue
Land Lease Market and Agrarian Relation - A Comparative Analysis.
Overdue Problem in Agriculture Credit of Co-operative Bank and Gramin Bank -
A Case Study of Gazipur District of Eastern U.P.
S. K. Singh  & R. P. Singh 
Regression Model for the Improvement of Economic Status of Self Help Group.
R. Ganpati, J. Murugesan & T. Ramasamy 
Performance of SHGs in Promoting Women Empowerment : A Case Study from Keonjhar
and Mayurbhaing District of Orrisa.
Minaketan Behera, Jigisha Srivastva and Goutam Mohanti 
Impact of Corporate Retailing on Local Shopkeepers and Consumers.
Neelu Kumari 
Human Capital Formation and Economic Development : A Casuality Analysis.
Gurinder Jit Singh Bhullar & Sharanit Singh Dhillon.  
Trading High Education Services Across Border : Opportunities and Hasseles for India.
Rakesh Raman 
Health Infrastructure and Utilisation Pattern in Rural Punjab : Emerging Public Policy Issues.
Kush Kumar & Sukhwinder Singh 
Reducing Regional Disparity Through District Level Planing.
R. B. Kumar and A. K. Tiwari 
Empowring SMEs In India.
Amar Kumar Choudhary 
Capital Formation and Regional Variation In Industrial Production of India.
Archana Kumari 
A Socio-psychological Study of Migration of Tribal Agriculture Labour.
Renu Dhawan 
Making Lion-Share Budget & Audited.
A. Ranga Reddy & M. Kumar Raju 
Rajesh Kumar

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