Volume : VII No. : 1 Year- 2011 Previous Issue
Micro Finance in Bihar : Performance and Challenges.
Surjeet Singh. 
Impact of Financial Institutions on Co-operative Credit Movement in Karnataka: An Analysis.
B. Sheshagiri L.D. Vaikhunthe 
Contract vis-a-vis Corporate Farming in Punjab.
M.S. Sidhu
Tenancy Efficiency in Paddy Cultivation : A Study of West Bengal.
Subrata Kundu 
SWOT Analysis of Coir Co-operative Marketing Society - A Case Study from Selem Region.
S. Rajendran and B. Gandhimathy 
Economic Benifits and Ecological Cost of Green Resolutions : A Case Study of Punjab.
Paramjeet Singh.  
Short-distance Rural Mirgration of Workers in West Bengal : A Case Study of Burdhaman Dist.
Anindita Sengupta and R.K. Ghoshal 
Migrant Food Vendors in Mumbai : A Socio-economic Study.
Bina Narayan
Women Development in Bundelkhand Region of Uttar Pradesh.
N.K. Maurya and Ankita Pandey
Gender Discrimination and Sex Ratio Imbalance in Punjab.
Guruvinderjeet Singh
Globalisation, Growth and Employment in India.
Rathindra Nath Parmanik

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