Volume : IX No. : 2 Dec - 2013 Previous Issue
Crop Diversification in Himachal Pradesh with special reference to District Una.
Sikander Kumar and Rakesh Singh 
An Economic Assessment of Structure and Dynamics of Fertilizer Subsidy in India.
A.P. Pandey and Gaurav Kumar Tripathi 
Cross Country Analysis of Human Development Levels in the Developing Countries.
Gurinder Jit Singh Bhullar 
Literacy and Elementary Education Status in Jharkhand: Challenges to Universalisation. 
Preet Rustagi and Rajini Menon 
Access to Primary Education in India : From Facade to Reality.
Rosy Sulochana and Rakesh Raman 
An Empirical Study of Intra - Household Resource Allocation : a Gender Perspective.
Economic Development, Environmental Degradation and Gender Relations in
North East India: A case study of Arunachal Pradesh.
Vandana Upadhyay  
Women's Emancipation from Social and Cultural Bondage.
Renewable Energy in India: Development and Prospects.
Varadurga Bhat and V Sharada  
Measuring Benefits from Reduced Air Pollution in Manali Industrial Area of
Chennai using Contingent Valuation.
J. Sacratees  
Pattern of urban poverty in India: An inter state analysis.
Nandini Mukherjee  

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