Volume : XIV No. : 2 Dec. - 2018 Previous Issue
Economy and Population in Ethiopia: A Search for Relations
Terefe Degefa
Non-productive Investments of Wage Earners’ Remittances in Semi-urban and
Rural Bangladesh
M. Aminul Islam Akanda
Analysis of Agricultural Research Expenditure in North Indian Agricultural Universities
Rakesh Sharma  
Taxonomy of Socio-economic Development Across Indian States
P.K Mishra  
Trends and Pattern of Social Sector Expenditure of the North Eastern States of India
Indraneel Bhowmik, Pradip Chouhan, Pritam Bose and Vanlalrema Kuki 
Developmental Indicators of Underdeveloped Bihar and Jharkhand
S.N. Nandy  
Fisheries Sector and Economic Growth in India
K. Murugan and K. Jothi Sivagnanam  
Forced Displacement and Gender Inequality in India
Sudesh Kumar and Anindya Jayanta Mishra  
Role of Female Labour Force Participation in Improving Gender Development Index,
with Special Reference to Self Help Groups
Manoj Bhagat and Ranjana Srivastava  
Environmental Performance and Human Development of South Asian Nations:
A Quest for Sustainable Development
Neha Paliwal  
Income Inequalities among Farm Households in Hoshiarpur District of Punjab
Gaganpreet Singh                   
The Role of Push and Pull Factors in Occupational Change of Rural Artisans in Punjab
Inderjeet Singh  

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