Volume : XIII No. : 2 Dec - 2017 Previous Issue
Interpreting Economic Inequality with the Micro Spatial Datasets : A Study in the 
District of Purulia, West Bengal, India
Mukund Mishra, Soumendu Chatterjee
Informal Sector : A Restriction and Livelihood for Slum Dwellers of Jammu City
Priyanka Basu 
A Comparative Study of Marginal Farms in India Vis-a-vis During Last Decade
Amit Mandal
Out Migration from North Eastern Region to Cities : Unemployment, Employability and
Job Aspiration
Reimeingam Marchang 
Employment Pattern and Wage Structure of child Labour in Agricultural Tool Making 
Units in Punjab
Navjot Kaur and Mini Goyal 
Economic Impact of Frontline Demonstrations of Cereal and Pulse Crops in 
Godda District of Jharkhand
A.P Thakur and Shurya Bhushan  
Status of Elementary Education in Jharkhand
Ivshita Dutta and Amit Kumar 
Trends, Determinants and Price-Volatility of Rubber-Crop in Kerala
N. Karunakaran 
Qualitative Insights into the Contraints of Sanitation : A Case Study of Jaipur, Rajasthan
Alpana Kateja 
Impact of Mgnrega on Rural-Urban Migration :  A Case Study of Jharkhand
Ashwani Kumar and Prakash Chandra Deogharia  

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