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Institute for Economic and Social Development :
The Institute for Economic and Social Development (IESD) established in January 1995 as a non-profit autonomous institution by a group of senior social scientists and policy analysts of Jharkhand. IESD envisions a society free from poverty and inequity. Its mission is to build a knowledge base and platform to facilitate an inclusive public policy regime. Towards this end, the Institute undertakes research, networking, advocacy and publications. The institute aims to contribute towards building a society that fosters and values an inclusive social and economic system that is free from poverty deprivations and discontent. The institute undertakes academic research analysis and evaluation of developments programmes, organises discussions, debates, seminars/workshops and publishes books and monographs as well as two journals.
Aims and Objectives:
 To undertake research in the areas of rural development poverty, health, education, social 
   production and social justice, gender, labour, and other accepts of social development.

 To formulate development policies and programmes.

 To organise seminars, workshops and lectures on topics of contemporary relevance to 
   network with similar institutions/organisations for sharing ideas and information through

 To publish books, journals, reports, working papers and monographs on the issues
   mentioned above.


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A Book : Globalization labour Market and employeement (forth coming)
A Book : Development, Displacement and Deprivation

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